BRC Rules



First Aid cover change for 2017 – will now also accept the BHS First Aid Certificate as well as First Aid At Work certificate. Currently working with insurers as their may be a caveat that instructors are now allowed to be the first aider at qualifiers but this will be clarified.

Emergency First Aid at Work certificate is not accepted.

Taggisar are offering 20% off for riding club members, further information will be on the membership cards. Taggisar are emergency contact stickers that enable emergency services to scan the QR code to bring up all relevant emergency information.

A new hat standard will be accepted in 2017 – Snell 2016 and Kitemark or IC mark is acceptable.

Body protectors must be 2009 or newer

Organiser training is being arranged which will be a 4 hour training session to encourage more people to be confident in organising events.

Dressage eligibility – Novice is for groups 6, 7 and 8.

80 Challenge classes have proved successful and will continue

SJ qualifiers in the summer will be at the following heights – 70, 80, 90, 1m, 1m10. The names of novice, intermediate, open will be replaced with the height as the name.

BD Tack changes will follow BD rules and Grackles are now allowed.

Bitless bridles are now allowed for SJ and XC

A watch list is being kept to keep an eye on people breaking rules

Stop watches will follow the BE rules decision

A late fee is being introduced for stable bookings and will cost an extra £10 per stable after the closing date.

BE rules will be followed for falls in showjumping where after first fall you may carry on rather than being eliminated.

Affiliation fees will remain the same.
Championship fees will rise.
Prelim and stabling fees remain the same.
Area training grant to be increased to £1000.

New Initiatives:

BE/BRC Novice league – an online league with prizes at the end of the year
Lincoln – dressage will be moved to a new site at the other side of the venue
Horse & Country TV will be airing a BRC campaign
BD have introduced a combined training competition which is open to BRC members
BS have opened up their Just for Schools competition to BRC members also.
There will be a grassroots league at 60/70cm SJ and WT/Prelim dressage. Members should get a card signed at any BRC club organised event when they get placed.