If you would like to join Frampton Family Riding Club, and therefore become eligible for BRC Area 9 competitions,  please fill in the application form above, and submit it to the committee.  You will need to be nominated by a committee member in order to apply.  No money will be required until you have been accepted as a member.  The committee looks forward to receving your application.

Frampton Family Riding Club Code of Conduc

Frampton Family Riding Club Rules & Constitution

Membership is £30 for the year. Our membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. If you join after 1st July, it will be £15 for the rest of the year. Supporters are £10 for the year and under 8s are £15 for the year. 
Family membership covers 4 members living at the same house and is £60 for the year. 

Our membership secretary is Emily Stratford.  If you have any queries regarding membership, please contact her in the first instance:

Logging Hours volunteered for the Riding Club

Please add this address to your “allowed” emails.
All logging/correspondence/notifications regarding hours must be sent to this email from now and updates regarding hours will be sent from this address.
All hours MUST be emailed to this address. Hours will not be accepted by any other format.
If hours have been missed, please email this address to update.
This email has been set up to simplify logging hours as with messaging & emailing hours messages get lost.

Please Note:

In your 2nd and/or subsequent years of membership, in order to be able to compete in Club events, or represent the Club, all members must have completed their hours during the preceding year. If the required number of hours are not completed during any year, the member will be notified. If the hours owed are not completed during the subsequent year (in addition to the hours for that year), membership may be terminated.

Please click here for 2021 hours log






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