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We run sessions of riding instruction, at all levels, throughout the year. During the winter, from October until March, we hold Rallies at at various venues. These take place on Saturdays, Sundays and weekday days and evenings. During the summer the instruction is more themed and sessions are held during the evenings incorporating flatwork, jumping and cross country.


We have been holding two Hunter Trials a year for a few years now initially at Frampton on Severn but farming committments on the estate reduced the number we could hold and manpower and health and safety made us branch out and hire a venue. In 2013 we were invited back to Frampton Estate and once again were very successful. Wherever they are held any profits made during the competitions we run are ploughed back into the club to help fund teams and to purchase essential items of equipment. We have spent thousands of pounds on the cross country course in the form of mobile fences over the past few years and have bought three purchases of Jump for Joy show jumps and a few more and we now have a full set. We also have some Jump for Joy cross country skinnies.


There are both Junior and Senior team competitions where members represent the club at Area level. Frampton Family Riding Club is in Area 9, which includes clubs along the M4 corridor from Bristol to Swindon. There are separate Junior and Senior Team Managers who organise entries and collect fees. The Club sponsor the cost of pre-entries but team participants are asked to pay their Area entry fee, currently the club have a policy that anyone wanting to have a go are able but with the high demand the British Riding Clubs are now placing restrictions on how many teams we can enter for Area competitions, in the future we will be back to “the best” in the team.


In July 2009 Kathy Oliver, the club’s Vice President and a member since she was a child – was selected to represent GB in Hungary. The team came home with a bronze medal. Proof that the Riding Club movement can nuture talent right through from childhood to adult hood. The club have a few members who joined as juniors and are now seniors representing the club in team events and competing in affiliated competitions, BE, BD, BSJA. There are quite a few talented juniors who are doing very well and we hope will maintain their membership on into their senior years.

We are proud of our website, which although only basic it is kept, when necessary, up to date daily. If we want you to know something it will be posted on the relevant page or under “Stop Press” or both. Members are encouraged to use the web for information and e mail for contact.  We also have an active Facebook page which is available for the club to give members up to the minute information with regards to teams and rallies, and for members to post queries.  It is a members only page.

Affiliated Riding Club

FFRC is affiliated to the BHS and because of this we can compete in the various Area and National competitions, we hold an insurance certificate and can take Riding Club Tests etc. It also enables members to have certain BRC discounts.

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